Accounts Payable

Welcome to the Harris County Auditor’s Office Accounts Payable web page!

The objective of this page is to provide necessary information to assure accurate and timely payments while providing responsive and quality service to vendors and County departments, in accordance with established laws, policies, and procedures.

Please visit this page often and feel free to provide suggestions as we continue to update the website with a goal of it becoming a valuable resource for your accounts payable needs.


Mission Statement

To examine and approve claims as required by Texas Local Government Code (LGC) 113.064 and 113.065, accurate and timely payment of vendor invoices, and high quality professional service to vendors and County departments.

Verification under these statutes includes but is not limited to all County purchases, any services rendered to the County, and refund requests made to the County.

If you have any questions not addressed by this page, or the website, please feel free to contact the Accounts Payable Department.

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Harris County Auditor’s Office
Accounts Payable Department
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